Post Publishing Options

Once you’ve written your post, you can preview it, save it for later as a draft,  publish it immediately to your site, or set a future date for publication.

Here’s a rundown of your options.


Click the Preview button in the top right corner of the new post screen to see how your post will look before officially publishing it.

Preview button

(The post will open in a new browser window. When you’re done with the preview, close that browser window to return to your post editing screen.)


To publish your post as is, click the Publish button.

Publish button

Save Draft

If you aren’t ready to publish the post, click Save Draft. (To return to your drafts later, click the Posts tab in the navigation menu on the left side of your Dashboard, select Edit, point to the draft you want to edit, and click the Edit link.)

Save draft button

Publish Status

The Status area will show one of three states for the post: Published, Pending Review, and Draft.

Publish status

A Published status means the post has been published on your blog for all to see. Pending Review means the draft is waiting for review by someone else prior to publication. Draft means the post has not been published and remains a draft.

If you select a specific publish status and then click the OK button, that status is applied to the post. For example, to save a post in the Pending Review status, select Pending Review from the Publish Status drop-down box, and then click OK.

Publishing status showing "Pending Review"

You can see all posts organized by status by clicking Posts in the top toolbar or on the left navigation page in your Dashboard.


Schedule a post for a future date

To schedule a post for a future time or date, hit “Edit” in the Publish Status area of the post screen.

Edit button next to "Publish Immediately"

Change the settings to the desired time and date.


You must also hit the “Publish” button when you have completed the post for the post to be published at the desired time and date.